Your Watchdog

For too long Ohio’s democracy has been for sale to the highest bidder. Career politicians cater to special interests and wealthy campaign contributors, while ignoring the needs and concerns of hard-working families across our state. This must stop. As Auditor of State, Zack will shine a light on pay-for-play activities and help fix our broken system to ensure that democracy is working for every Ohioan, not just the rich and powerful.


Ending Gerrymandering

Politicians have used the redistricting process to rig legislative elections, advance their careers, and divide our state. As a result, reasonable debate and compromise have been stifled, and too many Ohioans have been silenced at the ballot box. As a member of Ohio’s Redistricting Commission, Zack will stand up for all Ohioans, and make politicians accountable to their constituents.


The People's Auditor

Ohio’s Auditor has broad oversight over our public offices. Zack will make full use of these powers to pull back the curtain and closely examine the actions of our government – from its response to the opioid crisis, to the consequences of rolling back healthcare coverage for working people, to assessing just how communities around the state have been impacted by the loss of local government funds – and deliver honest, fair assessments of where state resources work well, and where they fail us.  


A Champion for all of us

Zack Space is committed to fighting for hardworking Ohioans and their families. He has served as a small-town Law Director, a U.S. Congressman, and in the private sector. In each role, he has worked to deliver tangible results that improve the lives of working people. Zack will utilize the office of Auditor to be an agent of change and reform the way our government works.  Our democracy belongs to all of us – together we can take it back.
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Together, we can take back our democracy.


Shining a Light on the Influence of Money on Policy

We have the power to determine the rules of our democracy. Let’s not settle for anything less than a political process and system of government that is responsive and accountable to us. Read more →

Taking the Politics out of Redistricting

Why are Ohio’s districts so gerrymandered, and what can we do to fix it?
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The Power of the Office

The Auditor has broad legal and constitutional power. Every Ohioan deserves an Auditor who will use this power to advocate for them. Read more →




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