Fixing Our Broken Democracy

Ohioans in every corner of the state know that our democratic process is not working for them. Too many feel left behind and ignored by career politicians. For too long Ohio’s political process and system of government have catered to wealthy campaign contributors and prioritized powerful special interests, while disregarding the needs and concerns of hard-working Ohioans and their families.

We deserve a government that is responsive to us; that is accountable to us. Only we have the power to change the rules that govern our democracy. As Auditor, Zack will work tirelessly to reform our government and restore faith in Ohio’s democracy. That starts by shining a light on the improper influence of pay-to-play politics.

One need look no further than to the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) scandal to understand that our political process is broken.  ECOT received over $1 billion in taxpayer money to educate our children, despite its repeated misrepresentation of attendance figures and dismal performance record. How could they stay in business for so long?  Because ECOT and its executives contributed heavily to the very politicians charged with ensuring a quality public education for all children.  The winners:  ECOT executives and incumbent politicians.  The losers: thousands of school children who will forever be deprived of reaching their full potential.  As Auditor, Zack will hold politicians, the Ohio Department of Education, bad-actor charter schools, and their sponsors accountable.


Ending Gerrymandering

Ohio’s legislative districts are some of the most polarized and non-competitive in the country. Politicians purposely designed them this way as an act of political self-preservation. While a convenient tool to advance political careers and exercise political dominance, these districts have served to both disenfranchise and divide us. The implications are grave.

As Auditor, Zack will serve on the redistricting commission (previously referred to as the Apportionment Board) and will lead an effort to draw Ohio’s districts in a way that serves all Ohioans, without regard to political favor.


The Power of Performance Audits

Ohio’s Auditor has broad statutory authority to oversee the expenditure and utilization of government resources, including the unique ability to conduct performance audits. Performance audits enable the Auditor to commission honest, fair assessments of how effectively our government uses your tax dollars.

As Auditor, Zack will conduct objective, in-depth, and fact-based performance audits to ensure Ohioans’ tax dollars are efficiently serving their interests. Whether it be assessing our state’s response to the opioid crisis, determining the effect of restricting access to health care coverage, or understanding the implications of cutting local government funds to Ohio communities of all sizes.  Zack will use performance audits to protect you and your tax dollars.