Ohio auditor's job is often a stepping-stone to greater political power: Thomas Suddes

According to Yost's website, "the Auditor of State's office is responsible for auditing all public offices in Ohio - more than 5,900 entities - including cities, counties, villages, townships, schools, state universities and public libraries as well as all state agencies, boards and commissions."

That is, the auditor gets a look-see at every public agency's books - what's in them, how they're kept, who keeps them. That's a powerful check-and-balance for taxpayers. And it's also a fact-of-life bonus for state auditors: Knowledge really is power. And audits get read - not just by public officials, but by those who want to unseat them,

The auditor also has a seat on the Apportionment Board (which will become the Redistricting Commission in 2021). It draws General Assembly districts after each Census. The Redistricting Commission will, to a degree, dial down the Apportionment Board's blatant partisanship. And a Redistricting Commission seat will guarantee, during the 2019-22 auditor's term that'll span the next Census, that a commissioner's calls, whether his name is Faber, Rosenberger or Space, will get returned ...

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