County Democrats welcome state and local candidates at annual dinner

Zack Space, from Dover, served two terms as a U.S. Congressman representing Southeastern Ohio, and is now the Democratic candidate for Ohio Auditor. He said events like Saturday’s dinner are invaluable as he seeks support throughout the state.

“It helps to expand our relationships in all 88 counties,” he said, noting the Washington County dinner was the second event he had attended that day.

Space told the county party members that Democracy is in trouble.

“While we all love Democracy and our country, it’s about honesty, and our government has been corrupted by money and political self-service,” he said. “People have lost faith in government."

Space said the state auditor is the “watchdog” of taxpayers’ money, and pledged to “shine light” on the those who attempt to use tax money for political gain if he is elected to office.

In addition, Space noted the auditor is a member of the state redistricting commission which, every 10 years, sets the boundaries of the state’s political districts. He said the Democratic and Republican parties are both guilty of re-drawing the districts to their own benefit every decade, depending on which is in power at the time.

“I will not be acting as a Democrat on that commission,” he said, adding that he would seek to give the power of redistricting back to Ohio’s citizens “where it belongs” ...

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