Space: Gerrymandering Is Disenfranchising Voters And Must Be Stamped Out

Gerrymandering is anti-democratic. It encroaches on some of the most fundamental and basic principles of democracy, 2018 Ohio Auditor candidate Zack Space told Plunderbund in a sit-down interview Friday.

In an act of immense political bravery and honesty, Space is basing his campaign for auditor on speaking the truth against two of the most serious ills plaguing American democracy today: Gerrymandering and the corrupt influence of money in politics. In a series of articles over the next several days, Plunderbund will explore these topics with Space.

The Ohio Auditor is one of three statewide officers who sit at the redistricting table following the U.S. Census every ten years. The others are the Ohio Secretary of State and Ohio Governor. This makes 2018 a critical election year in Ohio as all statewide offices are up for election in open races.

Whoever wins in 2018 will get to help decide how the lines are drawn after the 2020 Census, and whether Ohio will continue down the road of gerrymandering, or return power to the voters with fair districts ...

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