Space announces candidacy for Ohio State Auditor

MARTINS FERRY, Ohio — Ohio native Zack Space announced his candidacy for State Auditor of Ohio. Space is running as a Democrat and is from Dover, Ohio so it's no secret that the Ohio Valley is special to him.

He says he decided to announce his candidacy in Martins Ferry because he feels that this area of the Ohio Valley has been left behind economically.

Tuesday morning, he stood in front of friends, family, and several mine workers outside of the United Steelworkers Building to announce his run for state auditor. He tells us that he wants to use his powers as auditor to be a "watch dog" of tax payer money, also mentioning that the auditor sits on the redistricting commission and if elected he will use his powers to efficiently assess the use of state resources to determine what works and what doesn't. He broke down for us why that's so important here locally.

“In many cases there aren't any other options to find the resources necessary to fund our firefighters or our police officers, maintain our roads, educate our children, so the auditor’s office is a very powerful tool to serve as a watch dog to keep political ambition in check and measure what resources work and what doesn't work at the state levels which opens up all kind of opportunities," says Space...

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