Space announces state auditor candidacy at stop in Zanesville

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Former U.S. Representative Zack Space made a special announcement in Zanesville on Tuesday.

Space announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Ohio Auditor of State at the former Munson Elementary School building. A backdrop that was symbolic for his address.

“There was a point in time when this school had children that were being taught it was a completely different place. Now it stands decrepit and blighted and really in need of demolition,” said Space. “To us, that really represents something. It’s a metaphor, if you will, for what is happening to Ohio’s public education system.”

Space said he chose Zanesville as one of the cities on his campaign tour due to his ties to the area. He served two terms for Ohio’s 18th congressional district, covering much of eastern and southeastern Ohio.

However, it wasn’t only his love and familiarity of the Y-city that made him chose Zanesville as a stop.

“It’s also an area of Ohio, like Martins Ferry, like Lima and like eastern Columbus, that has been left behind by this modern economy and by a political process that values campaign cash more than it does the real interest of all Ohioans,” said Space...

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