Zack Space for Ohio Releases First Television Ad “Crossroads”

Zack Space for Ohio Releases First Television Ad “Crossroads”

Space first to TV airwaves in Auditor’s race; highlights central campaign theme

COLUMBUS -- Zack Space for Ohio today released the first television ad in the race for Ohio Auditor of State. The spot, “Crossroads,” highlights the central theme of Space’s candidacy: that Ohio’s democratic system has been rigged against working families by corporations and special interests.

Space will use the Auditor’s office to aggressively advocate for ordinary Ohioans, including a Special Audit Unit to thoroughly investigate the for-profit charter school scam and investigations into the effects of the failed NAFTA-era free trade agenda on Ohio’s local governments.

Republican nominee for Auditor of State Keith Faber has a long history of serving corporate and special interests in exchange for campaign contributions:

  • Faber is a central figure in the ECOT scam -- the largest political scandal in Ohio history -- which has bilked hundreds of millions from Ohio’s public schools and taxpayers. Faber has been lambasted for misleading Ohioans about his role in the scandal.

  • Faber protected the payday lending industry from common-sense reform while cashing nearly $75,000 in industry checks.

  • Faber also single-handedly killed the wind energy industry in Ohio in 2014, the same year he pocketed over $87,000 from fossil fuel industry sources.

“Crossroads” will run on broadcast markets across Ohio starting Tuesday, October 16th.

Watch “Crossroads” here.


“In this election, Ohio is at a crossroads.

We can continue down a path where corporate money rigs the system, or we can choose a new direction, one where government answers to all of us.

I’m Zack Space and I believe when money calls all the shots, regular people get fleeced.

Let’s demand more than that.

As your next Auditor, I won’t take orders from the highest bidder;

I’ll answer to you.”