Space Releases Statement On Passage of Senate Joint Resolution 5

COLUMBUS -- Former United States Congressman Zack Space, candidate for Ohio Auditor of State, released the following statement Tuesday evening on the passage of Senate Joint Resolution 5.

“The overwhelming passage of Senate Joint Resolution 5 is proof that when both political parties act in good faith, and engage in the rare act of compromise, decent results can be achieved.

The 200,000 signatures collected by the Fair Districts coalition served as the ultimate leverage in negotiations, providing further evidence that Ohioans are against partisan gerrymandering in any form. With the overwhelming success of Issue 1 in 2015 and today's agreement, Ohio is closer to achieving political justice. However, while SJR 5 is certainly a step in the right direction, it does not fully depoliticize the redistricting process.

As Auditor of State, I will serve on the Redistricting Commission with one goal: to create as many competitive legislative districts as possible, and to end the overt partisan influence in the redistricting process.”