AFL-CIO backs Space for Auditor

The state's largest labor organization, the Ohio AFL-CIO, is backing Zack Space for auditor of state.

Space, a former congressman from southeast Ohio, will be the Democratic nominee in November against Republican Keith Faber, a state representative from Celina, Ohio.

Here is the Space campaign's news release:

COLUMBUS -- Former United States Congressman Zack Space announced the endorsement of the Ohio AFL-CIO in his candidacy for Auditor of State Tuesday morning. The Ohio AFL-CIO represents a broad coalition of the state’s craft and industrial labor organizations, with 41 member unions and over 600,000 members.

“For the past eight years, self-interested politicians and their corporate sponsors have rolled back protections for Ohio workers and starved local governments,” said Zack Space.

“If these bad-faith actors once again control the Redistricting Commission, Ohio will become a Right-to-Work state. Working Ohioans and their families deserve to be included in our democratic process, and to have their interests heard and valued in Columbus. As Auditor, I will shine a light on the corrupting influence of money in Ohio’s democracy, and end the undemocratic practice of partisan gerrymandering.”

“Zack Space understands the economic issues facing Ohio’s working families because he’s one of us,” said Tim Burga, President of the Ohio AFL-CIO. “As a Member of Congress, Zack valiantly stood up for working people and we know that as Auditor he will protect the integrity of government by exposing schemes to cheat taxpayers and eliminating partisan gerrymandering.”

Space’s campaign is highlighting the corrupting influence of money and campaign contributions in politics, as well as the destructive results associated with extreme partisan gerrymandering. The Auditor’s office serves as a watchdog of taxpayer money and has broad investigatory power to examine the actions of state government.