Zack Space guest speaker at Highland County Spring Democratic Dinner

Zack Space, a native of Tuscarawas County and candidate for Ohio auditor of state, addressed the Highland County Democratic Party spring dinner Monday, March 26.

Space has been traveling across Ohio since announcing his candidacy for auditor last August. The former two-term Congressman began his address by detailing the Space family’s immigration story, in which his grandfather, Zacharias, left Greece – then under oppressive rule by the Ottoman Empire – for the promise of democracy in America.

Space explained how the democratic system his grandfather risked everything for has been corrupted by the influence of money in politics and by political greed. 

Space discussed his campaign for auditor, which is focused on ending the influence of campaign contributions in politics and eradicating extreme partisan gerrymandering. Space pledged to “shine a light” on pay-for-play politics in the General Assembly, pointing to the ECOT charter school scandal as “Exhibit A.”

The auditor of state’s office serves as a watchdog of taxpayer money and has broad investigatory power to examine the actions of state government. The auditor will also serve on the redistricting commission tasked with redrawing state legislative maps in 2021.

“I’m a proud Democrat, but I will not be at that table representing the Democratic Party," Space said. "I’ll be representing the people of Ohio, who have not been included in this partisan process in over a generation.”

Space finished by explaining his belief in the concept of political justice, which must be the precursor to achieving other forms of justice.

“As Democrats, we believe in social justice,” Space said. “That means access to opportunity, to education, to healthcare, for economic justice, for gender justice, and so on. But first, we must ensure political justice. Political justice means ensuring the most basic principles of our democratic society.”

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