Space Issues Statement on Passage of HB 87

COLUMBUS -- Former United States Congressman Zack Space, candidate for Ohio Auditor of State, released the following statement on the passage of Ohio House Bill 87 on Wednesday.

“The Ohio House of Representatives deserves credit for allowing the return of public funds misused by charter schools to local school districts. In acknowledging the fault of these charter schools, such as the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT), state legislators should do more: they must return all campaign contributions from ECOT founder Bill Lager and his associates to the public school districts they represent.

ECOT swindled Ohioans out of more than $1 billion over the last decade, delivering abysmal results while enriching Lager. When legislative action, or inaction, is driven by campaign contributions, the public has good reason to lose faith in the democratic process. The absolute least these legislators can do to demonstrate to Ohioans that they work for them -- and not wealthy special interests -- is to return every cent of this tainted campaign cash.”