Zack Space Endorsed by Ohio Legislative Black Caucus

COLUMBUS -- Former United States Congressman Zack Space announced the endorsement of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus in his race for Auditor of State on Thursday morning. Space is a former Board Member of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus Foundation, serving from 2016 to early 2018.

“I greatly value the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus for its work in the General Assembly and in communities of color across Ohio,” said Zack Space. “I sincerely appreciate the support of these community leaders and I will continue to consult their expertise throughout my campaign as I proactively and meaningfully engage communities of color.”

“By improving health care, education, and our regressive criminal justice system, we can ensure that the system works for all Ohioans, no matter their race, ZIP code, or wealth. The Auditor of State has a unique ability to advance racial justice, and I look forward to working alongside OLBC members in this fight.”

“This endorsement is about accountability, sustained engagement, and partnership,” said Representative Stephanie Howse, President of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus. “We are confident that Zack Space is committed to protecting and restoring opportunities for all Ohioans while also partnering with OLBC to make long-term investments in the black community.”

The OLBC, founded in 1967, consists of 16 members of the General Assembly who advocate for legislation and state initiatives that empower African Americans in Ohio.