Zack Space Statement on ECOT “Hush Money” Allegations

COLUMBUS -- Former United States Congressman Zack Space, candidate for Ohio Auditor of State, released the following statement on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 -- the one-year anniversary of the ECOT whistleblower contacting the Auditor of State’s office to report misdeeds by the failed for-profit charter school.

“Yesterday’s news that the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow pushed departing employees to sign non-disclosure agreements is yet another indication that school officials knew their actions were suspect and perhaps illegal. Ohioans should be outraged at ECOT’s use of taxpayer monies to silence potential whistleblowers. Unfortunately, it’s not surprising that the politicians who happily took ECOT’s money have taken “next to little action” against founder Bill Lager and his associates.

A criminal investigation into ECOT is long overdue, and the politicians who aided and abetted this scam must also be held accountable. Candidates for office who took ECOT’s money -- such as my likely Republican opponent Keith Faber ($34,013) --  should return it immediately, or better yet donate the funds to organizations that promote public schools.”

Last week, Space visited Youngstown, Steubenville, and Lima to draw attention to the need for an immediate and broad criminal investigation into ECOT. Space is also holding press events in Zanesville and Lancaster on Tuesday to continue calling for honest oversight and a change to the culture of political corruption in Columbus.