State auditor candidate Zack Space blasts Faber over ECOT

COLUMBUS – Former U.S. Congressman and Democratic candidate for Ohio Auditor of State Zack Space has released the following statement after PolitiFact determined that Republican nominee for Auditor of State Keith Faber misled Ohioans with a statement that claimed Faber helped shut down ECOT.

“Keith Faber has spent decades in the Ohio Legislature enabling the for-profit charter school industry and abetting the ECOT scam – the biggest political scandal in Ohio history. Faber had 18 years as a legislator, including four years as Senate president, to tighten accountability, increase oversight and protect Ohio taxpayers from ECOT’s fraudulent activity. 

“Instead, Faber chose to advance ECOT founder Bill Lager’s agenda in exchange for tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions, proving himself to be one of ECOT’s best investments.

“Now that Ohioans have caught onto the enormity of Lager’s scheme, ECOT has closed, and the FBI is reportedly investigating, Faber is attempting to rewrite history. PolitiFact’s ‘Mostly False’ ruling will serve as a lasting reminder that not only did Faber impede efforts to hold ECOT accountable, he abetted the scam that continued bilking taxpayers even after student attendance could not be verified,” Space said.

“Faber’s complicity in the theft of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars should disqualify him from serving as Auditor of State, Ohio’s chief taxpayer watchdog,” Space said. “With this false claim, Keith Faber has insulted the intelligence of Ohio voters and has proven he cannot be trusted to act in good faith to protect taxpayer dollars.”

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