Zack Space Consolidates Union Labor Support Across Ohio

COLUMBUS -- Former U.S. Congressman Zack Space last week received the endorsements of the Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters, the Ohio State Association of Plumbers & Pipefitters, and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in his campaign for Auditor of State. Together, these labor unions represent tens of thousands of workers across Ohio.

Space also delivered remarks to union members at rallies in Youngstown and Marietta during last week’s “Take Back Ohio” tour, organized by the Ohio AFL-CIO.

“For generations, Ohioans could count on labor unions for good jobs, decent wages, and the ability to retire with dignity. Union jobs have propelled millions of people into the middle-class, yet ideological politicians like my opponent Keith Faber would rather curtail bargaining power than allow this prosperity to continue.

Faber and his cronies will stop at nothing to reverse the hard-fought progress working people have made in Ohio by supporting so-called Right-to-Work legislation, weakening Project Labor Agreements, and repealing Prevailing Wage provisions.

I have always stood shoulder-to-shoulder with working Ohioans and their families, and I am truly honored by the widespread support my candidacy has earned from organized labor across our state. I look forward to using the considerable power of the Auditor’s office to protect Ohioans’ hard-earned tax dollars and to stand against the outsized influence that corporate interests wield in our democracy.”

Republican nominee for Auditor Keith Faber is a steadfast opponent of union labor in Ohio. Faber voted for Senate Bill 5 then campaigned for ballot Issue 2, and recently cosponsored a bill to weaken prevailing wage laws.

Space’s campaign for Auditor has already been endorsed by the following labor groups: