Zack Space Outraises Opponent 4:1 in Post-Primary Period

COLUMBUS -- Democratic nominee for Ohio Auditor of State Zack Space today reported raising $271,147.87 during the Post-Primary fundraising period from April 27 to June 15. This marks the third consecutive period in which Space has outraised GOP Auditor nominee Keith Faber, whose sputtering campaign raised a paltry $61,507.79, the lowest total for any major party statewide candidate in a general election in Ohio since at least 2010.

“Keith Faber’s campaign for Auditor of State is in complete disarray. Ohioans are outraged with the deceitful and transactional politics that he embodies, which is why it’s no surprise that Faber raised less this period than any major party statewide candidate in Ohio since at least 2010,” said Campaign Manager Matt Hennessey.

“Zack Space is running an energetic campaign, focusing on issues like the ECOT scandal, and raising the resources needed to compete statewide. The financial support we’ve continued to receive is yet another indicator that Ohioans welcome Zack Space’s vision for honest oversight of state government.”

Space, whose campaign committee was created from scratch in June 2017, has almost entirely erased Faber’s $645,000 head start. Space has over $605,000 on-hand, compared to Faber’s $785,421.40, which has regressed since July 2017 in part because Faber returned over $36,500 in contributions from ECOT founder Bill Lager.

Faber’s meager filing report even includes $5,000 in contributions from a payday lending company, received just just two days after an FBI raid on the home of former House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger. Rosenberger resigned from office in April because of improper relationships with the payday lending industry.