Statement on Election of Ryan Smith as Ohio House Speaker

COLUMBUS -- Former United States Congressman and Democratic nominee for Ohio Auditor of State Zack Space released the following statement Wednesday afternoon upon the 11th-ballot election of Ryan Smith as the new Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives.

“The fiasco that unfolded today in the Ohio House of Representatives is an embarrassing reminder of why so many Ohioans view their government with distrust and frustration. Instead of public officials working together in good faith to better the lives of their constituents, Ohioans see career politicians playing politics and waging internal power struggles over which faction is able to control campaign war chests. It’s a disgrace.

My Republican opponent, Representative Keith Faber, unsurprisingly used this process to jockey for political gain within the GOP Caucus. Faber switched candidates within the 11 rounds of voting, making clear that his top priority in this spectacle was not the interests of his constituents or the institution, but advancing his political career.

Ohio’s working families have been denied an effective legislative chamber for nearly two months, during which time vital legislation has stalled. The time has come to end one-party rule in Columbus, and to elect leaders who will effectively watch over corruption and self-interest in state government.”