Space visits food bank, highlights working poor

LIMA — Ohio Auditor Democratic candidate Zack Space visited the West Ohio Food Bank as part of his statewide campaign to highlight inequalities he says are a result of a political system catering to “pay-to-play” lobbyists.

Space said many who qualify for food assistance are working poor who may work one or two jobs, but low wages kept low by corporate interests influencing Ohio’s politics keep them being able to purchase quality food. Roughly 60 people visited the food bank Thursday for distribution of fresh produce.

“Millions of qualified are working poor. Many of them are having a difficult time putting food on the table,” Space said. “Our experience has taught us (food banks) are never enough, and the demand seems to be growing.”

Space highlighted that Ohio’s auditor has the ability to keep a close eye on lobbying and campaign finances to ensure the wider public’s views can be represented in politics, and he would have a place on the redistricting commission to influence how electoral districts are drawn if elected.

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