Keith Faber Won’t Stop Lying About ECOT

COLUMBUS -- Keith Faber continues to mislead Ohio voters and the media about his long history of abetting Ohio’s for-profit charter school scam -- the biggest political scandal in state history -- which has bilked at least $80 million from Ohio taxpayers.

On Wednesday, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) acted lawfully when it ordered online for-profit charter school ECOT to repay tens of millions of dollars for unverified student enrollment. Hours later, Keith Faber claimed in the Columbus Dispatch that ODE has had the “long-standing authority to crack down on ECOT,” and that the “Department and Republican leadership properly used this authority leading to the closure of ECOT” -- both brazenly untrue statements.

“Keith Faber has been a pawn of ECOT founder Bill Lager and the for-profit charter school industry for decades, protecting and advancing their legislative agenda in exchange for campaign contributions,” said Zack Space for Ohio spokesman Nathan Cotton. “Faber has already been called out by PolitiFact for making this exact deceitful claim, yet continues to insult the intelligence of Ohio voters by doubling down. It would be difficult to create from scratch a more compromised and unqualified candidate for Auditor of State than Keith Faber.”

Far from “catching ECOT and putting it out of business,” Keith Faber has undermined charter school reform and the Ohio Department of Education at every possible turn: