Zack Space talks trade deals during stop in Belmont County

MARTINS FERRY, Ohio (WTRF) - Zack Space, a candidate for Ohio State Auditor, was in Martins Ferry Monday.

Space said Ohioans lost more than 250,000 jobs due to bad trade policies in the past 25 years. He believes those trade deals benefited big corporate executives at the expense of working people and their families.

According to Space, the damage goes even beyond that.

"But what a lot of people don't think about and a lot of people don't talk about is the impact that these lost jobs have had on our communities. In the form of lost revenues. In the form of factories that have shut down. And what this means for local government revenues. The amount is staggering but it's unaccounted for. We don't really know the full extent of it," said Candidate for Ohio Auditor, Zack Space.

Space's plan, called "Working Families First," calls for aggressive investigations into the effects of NAFTA-type free trade policies on working Ohioans, their families, and their communities.

He said job displacements were concentrated in waves, and whole communities suffered. He wants to quantify just how harmful these policies were.

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