Zack Space Breaks Auditor’s Race Record for July Fundraising Period

COLUMBUS -- Democratic nominee for Ohio Auditor of State Zack Space today reported raising $239,331.25 during the July fundraising period from June 16 to August 3. Space’s July report is his second record-breaking filing this election cycle, and marks the fourth consecutive fundraising period in which Space has outraised Republican nominee for Auditor Keith Faber.

“Ohioans are ready to fix their broken political system, and our record-breaking fundraising numbers are there to prove it,” said Zack Space for Ohio Campaign Manager Matt Hennessey. “Zack shares the deep frustration Ohio voters feel towards their rigged political process, which for too long has been controlled by entrenched corporate interests, the wealthy donor class, and self-interested career politicians like Keith Faber. Our filing today reflects the robust support we see on the trail every day, and positions our campaign to aggressively communicate Zack’s message of change across Ohio this fall.”

During the 2018 campaign cycle, Space has raised $1,216,502.36 -- $334,689.82 more than Faber’s $881,812.54 -- despite only forming his campaign committee last June. Space has nearly 2,200 individual contributions this cycle, compared to fewer than 800 for Faber.

“Keith Faber’s historically anemic fundraising is unsurprising given his complicity in the ECOT scam, deceitful treatment of Ohio voters, and long record as a career politician eager to supplicate himself before corporate interests in exchange for campaign cashsaid Hennessey.

Faber donated over $36,500 in tainted contributions from ECOT founder Bill Lager in May, and has yet to return $14,850 raised for him by disgraced former House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger in January. Rosenberger resigned from office in April because of improper relationships with the payday lending industry. The F.B.I. raided Rosenberger’s home in May.