Zack Space applauds Ohio Supreme Court’s ECOT ruling

COLUMBUS – Former U.S. Congressman and Democratic nominee for Ohio Auditor of State Zack Space has released the following statement following today's Ohio Supreme Court’s 4-2 decision to uphold lower court rulings that the state acted lawfully when it ordered failed for-profit charter school ECOT to repay tens of millions of dollars for unverified student enrollment.

“The for-profit charter school scam is the biggest political scandal in Ohio’s history," Space said.

"This scam – which bilked Ohio taxpayers out of at least $80 million – was perpetrated by unscrupulous and profiteering corporate executives, and abetted by the self-interested politicians they purchased with campaign contributions. 

"My opponent, Keith Faber, an 18-year incumbent politician and former Senate president, was in a position to hold ECOT accountable. Instead, he acted as a stooge for ECOT founder Bill Lager, choosing campaign cash over Ohio children.

"For-profit charter schools are a failed educational experiment, and I relish the opportunity to use the full investigatory power of the auditor’s office to deliver justice for Ohio children wronged by this unconscionable systemic failure, and to get Ohioans their stolen money back.”

In June, Space announced his plans for the creation of a Special Audit Unit within the Auditor of State’s office – on Day One of his administration – to investigate malfeasance in for-profit charter schools.

"The Stop Charter Abuse and Malfeasance Unit (S.C.A.M. Unit) will deliver justice for Ohio children and taxpayers who have been defrauded by unscrupulous for-profit charter school operators," Space said. "The S.C.A.M. Unit will also expose the extent to which powerful special interests, wealthy donors, and compromised politicians have conspired to exploit Ohio’s broken democratic process to enrich themselves.

“The for-profit charter school scam is the largest political scandal in Ohio’s history, affecting all 88 Ohio counties and virtually every single taxpayer,” Space said.

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